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A former contract worker, Md Azmi Ismail, 54 or popularly known as Pak Mie has found his truly affection by helping cats and dogs for almost 20 years. This jobless man started giving foods to stray animals and treated them as well. His noble work is helped by his own wife, Halijah Idris (Mak Intan), 64 that share the same empathy towards all these cute creatures. At the beginning, they only have 60 cats but the number keep increasing day by day till it reaches to 200 cats. Because of their love and sympathy, they also helped to give treatment to street dogs but they did not bring them home since Pak Mie and his wife lived in residential area. Later, they started to build a shelter at the free space near the river at Tanjung Bendahara, Alor Setar, which is also their home. By having this shelter, every cats and dogs that need help and treatment will be brought here by Pak Mie to be looked after. Today, there are nearly 500 dogs and 200 cats at this shelter with lot of conditions. Some of them are taken around Alor Setar and some are sent by people all over the Peninsular of Malaysia. Pak Mie spends almost RM 500 per day in order to take care these animals. They cook 40 kilograms of rice and 10 kilograms of fish to be given to these animals as food every day. Pak Mie would collect scraps and pawned all his wife jewelries in order to feed the animals. They also have receiving fund, but then it is not enough to sustain the needs of these animals. Despite their good deeds, most Malay Muslims in local area criticize them because of the act of taking care of dogs. These Muslims people keep argue about the God will in holding dogs then helping them with the needs. The trouble does not ends here, now Pak Mie and Mak Intan have to face the crisis of land ownership and the authorities have asked them to relocate the shelter to a new place at the latest by May 2013.  
- Maizun, Alor Setar

About The Shelter
' This is the shelter in Alor Setar runned by husband and wife, Abang Mee and Kak Tan.They are sheltering about 400 dogs/pups and 200 cats/kittens.Everywhere you turn there are dogs.They have saved accident dogs and street dogs.A few pups less than 2 months.These couples are jobless, abang Mee would collect scraps to sell to feed the dogs.They are receiving fund but is not enough to feed all the animals.Pak Mee told us he has pawned all his wife's jewelleries to feed the animals.They have been criticized by other muslims for sheltering dogs.Please help them by donating rice, kibbles or medication and etc. they need help. About 50 female dogs need spaying. '

 -  Facebook SPCA Sungai Petani

Tujuan Pusat Pusat Perlindungan
- Untuk menyelamatkan kucing-kucing dan anjing-anjing terbiar dan sakit dan memberi pusat perlindungan serta makanan kepada haiwan-haiwan ini.


 Siapa Pak Mie?
 Pada awalnya, bekas pekerja kontrak, Md Azmi Ismail, 54, hanya memberi makan pada haiwan terbiar di sekitar pusat bandar dan membawa pulang kucing yang sakit untuk dirawat. Md Azmi berkata, peringkat awal, dia hanya memelihara kira-kira 60 kucing sahaja dan kini bilangan yang dipelihara semakin bertambah bilangannya kepada 200 ekor.  Menurutnya, atas rasa simpati yang sama, dia dan isteri, Halijah Idris, 64, turut memberi rawatan kepada anjing terbiar yang sakit.

“Dahulu kami hanya memberi makan dan merawat anjing yang terbiar sahaja dan tidak bawa pulang kerana tinggal di kawasan perumahan, namun apabila pindah di kawasan tanah lapang di sini, barulah kami membawa pulang anjing yang sakit. Terdapat juga haiwan di sini yang dihantar oleh pemiliknya untuk kami pelihara dan beri rawatan terutama bagi haiwan yang sakit,” katanya ketika ditemui di Tanjung Bendahara. '
-  Sinar Harian

Isteri Pak Mie..
Bagi Halijah, biarpun pernah dicakar haiwan berkenaan, namun dia tidak benci, sebaliknya semakin sayang dan akan terus membela haiwan itu.

“Masa kami suami isteri banyak dihabiskan untuk haiwan di sini walaupun kami terpaksa tidur dalam kabin dikelilingi haiwan comel ini. Saya gembira kerana dapat berbakti kepada anugerah Allah ini walaupun dipandang serong masyarakat. Namun, keikhlasan kami turut dihargai sesetengah pihak hingga ada yang sudi menanggung kos ubat atau rawatan haiwan yang sakit,” katanya.

Ibu kepada tiga anak itu berkata, dia tidak pernah menyesal dengan tindakan mereka berpindah dari rumah sendiri dan tinggal dalam kabin semata-mata ingin menjaga haiwan terbiar.
- Metro Harian 


Orang Kuat Pak Mie

Anak-anak Pak Mie
 Shahrul Nizam Ab Rahim, Zarina Ismail
 Raj Devi, SPCA Sungai Petani

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  1. A very touchy story and I would like to share with my friends, especially malay friends.

  2. Yes, please share if with your Muslim friends. Teach them something about compassion and love. That's the true meaning of religion. Peace, love and compassion.

  3. i'm just confuse about one thing tht never talk in this story....it about touch n holder the dog...thy muslim right?? take care about animals is vry good habit..sometimes to confuse.....:/

  4. we express kindness through actions, not just through mouth, otherwise known as hypocrite.
    action proves who you are, it doesn't matter which religion you brand yourself.
    if God damns you for dirtying your hand, doesn't God credits you for your kindness?
    if that's a law, what law that is above love and kindness? You say God is love, this is love, and this is the true exemplary actions of son of God.
    I salute Pak Mie, a true Muslim, a man of utmost respect.

  5. Awesome work. This should have support from all over the place. I will be sharing this with my friends and communities. Please don´t give up, you are not alone. I respect you both very much for all you are doing and I am praying that a miracle will happen, well it needs to happen. You are real heros!!!!

  6. Pak Mie and Puan Halijah, I love you both! God does not divide; only humans do. Thank you for doing what you believe is right and not by what is written in the book. Allah be with you always.

  7. Pak Mie and Puan Halijah, everyone loves you and for what you are doing. But you have to know that you need to have a balance of energy. Meaning, you need to sell these dogs in order for you to continue taking in more dogs. In order for you to have enough food supply. Or you energy balance is stopped by accumulating more dogs and less food. I would recommend you sell these dogs in order for you to get more stray dogs and help them get adopted again. If not, it would be like sponsoring another man's hobby.

  8. I have watched the short documentary of Pak Mie on Facebook. And now I followed his development to this blog. I will support Pak Mie in his effort to help stray animals.

  9. reading pak mie and mak intan story really touch my heart. their work is exemplary and i will continue to support them. not many people have the guts and hearts to do this but they do. truly inspiring.. the malay community should open their eyes and see islam does not teach us to hate dogs or avoid them. i love dogs, played and fed them too. last i read they need to relocate in July and i hope things are going well. the best for you pak mie and mak intan.

  10. My Angelics... mak cik and pak cik u are the angels on earth. Love your for your beautiful efforts. I hope and pray for this legacy to continue to your next generation and so on. I thank you so much for all the love u have showed towards these beautiful god's creations. LOVE YOU SO MUCH PAK MIE AND MAK INTAN .THANK YOUR ONCE AGAIN.

  11. Terima kasih,pak cik dan mak cik. Terharu lihat anda yang begitu sayang akan binatang-binatang terbiar ini. Syabas!

  12. Wonderful people! God's gift to the world!

  13. TINDAKAN TU DAH BETUL TAPI PERBUATAN TU YANG SALAH... Untuk orang muslim kalau nak jelas lagi sila tgk ni http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpV0KeA3LOM

  14. God blessed pak mie and mak intan and family