No Telefon Pak Mi ~ 012-4090489

Alamat Pak Mi . 

Md Azmi Bin Ismail (Abang Mi),
Jalan Tanjung Bendahara,
Belakang Taman Sultan Abdul Halim,
Jalan Indah Water, Alor Setar, 
Kedah Darul Aman


  1. Is there a way to have a 'translate' button on here or something. I'm sure there are so many english speaking fans who want to know more about Pak Mie!
    I was surprised there isn't a 'translate button available on the facebook page either!

    I'll keep checking!

    Best wishes!

  2. I agree, I think many English speakers would love to help the cause.
    The work that Pak mie is doing is amazing and I m sure that many of us could help you more if the page would be in english.
    Keep up the good work, saving life's and making the world a better place.

    All the best

    Barbara & Reg

  3. Pak Mie n Mak Intan, u must protest against the City Council Kedah from claiming the land where u have your dogs. Ask them who the owners r n the owners' names....Ask them if the owners have any plans for renovation? If they have no plans for renovation, or if it is not getting "sold", then it is illegal for them to evict u. Also set up a commission to incorporate Stray dogs into our human ecological niche- By arranging with restaurants to feed them leftover food... instead of throwing all the food as waste. Kilos n kilos everyday they throw out!!!!. (The restaurants r actually illegal depriving poor people of food, n causing a lot of WASTE EVERYDAY!!!!!) Tell the City Council Kedah... dogs can be used as a form of Waste Management Program n that u n Mak Intan volunteer to be the Directors of this Progam. U n Mak Intan will take charge from now on about Waste elimination of the city of Kedah. Find agreeing restaurants n give them meal bins (paid by City or RSPCA) n fill them with leftover food. Then ring the dogs for a walk to these restaurants eat it all up!!!!
    Seeing eye dogs,/ sniff out explosives,/ stolen stuff/ DNA in murder cases./ guard our houses

  4. Pak Mie n Mak Intan, u must ask City Council Kedah for the name of the owner of the land that want to evict u, Then ask the owners if they have any plans for renovation, or if the land is being used for any purpose at all. If they cant reply, then it is illegal for them to evict u. N u can stay until they have some plans...
    Then tell Sheik Mohmmed Baderudin Ahmed that u n Mak Intan volunteer to be Directors of a Waste Management Program to eliminate leftover food fr restaurants They throw out food by the kilos everyday.Dogs have an ecoliogical niche with us humans. To eliminate organic waste like leftovers.
    Seeing eye dogs/ detect explosives/ stolen goods/murder cases/ gurad homes
    Dogs r very intelligent

  5. well said LEong Munglan....... Pak Mie & Mak Intan definitely deserved more than this.. Their generous, LOving & dedicated heart & spirit is just truly amazing.
    It should be a way of learning for peoples from all walks of life....
    My family & i will always support u for all the actions done by the both of u..
    Will be trying to squizze out some time of mine so that one day we will pay Pak Mie Shelter a visit with some sincered donation from us...
    Will be looking forward to meet all of u great people which had been helping out in preserving & making Pak Mie Shelter a much better place for all the small little animals.....

    1. Chris!! seems like Pak Mie has died from a "seizure" Do you think his enemies has anything to do with it? Suspicious...Better visit Mak Intan soon to console her....

  6. Pak Mie just have to concentrate on his work at the shelter and with the animals. We will help to source and channel the funds to your account to help you continue your work

  7. pak Mie,

    Boleh tak Pak Mie mencari tempat baru untuk meneruskan budi baik pakcik? Cari lah tanah untuk dibeli dan kami bolehlah memberi bantuan kewangan untuk membeli tanah tersebut. ini akan memebolehkan pakcik meneruskan budi baik pakcik.

  8. This seems to typical Malaysian government mentality - someone who is doing great things for the welfare, environment and animals and at no cost to taxpayers and of course no benefit to BN and they want to shut him down. How can we help out - how can we assist to find Pak Mie a new home where these "haters" won't chase him out. How can we donate $ to help if indeed $ is what is needed.
    Lest we forget: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”
    Mahatma Gandhi

  9. I first came across about pakmie on youtube...i was in tears thay he dedicated his life to care for helpless animals..i was planning to come visit him...until i read in some NGO page how the dogs n cats are actually suffering first i was a bit angry they would say bad things about pak mie shelter but with evidence pics i refuse to just ignore it n make a research of my own...yes i msg to several ppl who had actually come to his shelter n be a volunteer turns out pak mie n wife didnt really have enough concern for the animal...they not only have dogs n cats there they even have dome exotic animal...sugar glider..monkey...they have chicken n rabbits as well... well i dont want to elaborate more on this but i suggest all of u to google with open mind n keep in mind that ur priority id for the welfare of this animals only...u will see some exvolunteer put up a blog pakmie selter animal hell..go read first i was skeptical about the blog too...but u will find proof of pics with a sad story what really happen inside...i cry for those animals...

  10. I had been donated several times to pak mie.. could anyone updated me is the money received? And how is the situation of the them now?

  11. Does he take stray dogs under his shelter

  12. Hi All ,
    Are there any plans to go and visit Mak Intan at the shelter? Now that Pak Mi has passed away , I'm sure we cannot bank in the money into his account anymore. Anyone of you has got Mak Intan acct no? Please share with me ya.
    If we can get a few people , we can go and visit the shelter and buy food for the dogs and cats from there. I would love to visit this place.
    Rosnah Esahak - Aunty Rose